Our Services

bmb process filters

The company offers a wide range of sterile filters for different applications, for which we provide a wide range of filter elements with nominal or absolute retention rates.

Our clients get the highest standard of OEM alternative filter solutions for various industries, such as pharmaceutical packaging, biotechnology, automotive, brewery, chemical, dairy, fermentation, food and beverage, hospitals, and more.

Our professional team service team will give you quality solutions for all your company’s air and gas filtration needs.



We are an authorized distributor of ErectaStep, an American firm that has been building pre-manufactured metal stair and access platforms for over 20 years. 

Our pre-engineered kits help several industries, from petrochemical to manufacturing and commercial.

ErectaStep provides superior quality and durability, quick shipping, and easy assembly. This way, you can get a fast, safe, and efficient installation.


BMB Mechanical offers various technical services to ensure your equipment operates at peak efficiency. We specialize in tank and heat exchanger dye testing and equipment inspections, and our team is confined space certified to ensure that we can work safely in any environment. Additionally, we provide pump and valve service and repairs to keep your machinery running smoothly.

In addition to these services, our experienced technicians also specialize in sanitary welding, ensuring that your equipment meets the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We can also provide repairs and new installations of sanitary piping and fittings, ensuring that your facility is fully equipped to meet the demands of your industry.